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Benefits of Buying Used Vehicles at Birdnow Motor Trade of Oelwein

Discover the benefits of purchasing a used vehicle at Birdnow Motor Trade of Oelwein. Advantages such as lower cost, lower sales tax, and affordable premium amenities will provide you with a new car “feel” at a more affordable price. So if you’re searching for a quality used vehicle that can keep up with your lifestyle, explore our broad selection of used vehicles or our used vehicle specials for additional savings.

Whether you’re looking for a Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Jeep, or any other make, Birdnow Motor Trade of Oelwein will have what you’re looking for. With inventory spanning across makes, models, trims, and years, there is a used vehicle to suit everyone’s needs. Contact us to discuss inventory and buying options with our staff, we look forward to hearing from you.

Why Buy Used?

A used vehicle can offer the technology, amenities, and performance that you want, at a more reasonable price. But affordability is not the only benefit of a used vehicle, explore all of the advantages of buying used rather than new. Discover the used vehicle benefits waiting for you, including:


New vehicles have been released within the last two model years, which limits available inventory. Do not limit yourself to a restricted variety, when you can explore makes, models, and trim options from a variety of years!


At Birdnow Motor Trade of Oelwein, you are entitled to a CARFAX history report with every used vehicle. This will disclose a complete report of publicly available information on your vehicle, from accidents to maintenance, giving you complete transparency on the performance and quality.

Less Depreciation:

Rather than suffering from value depreciation the second you drive a new vehicle off of the lot, enjoy less depreciation, and retain the purchasing value of your next vehicle by purchasing one that has already incurred initial depreciation.

Sales Tax:

Most states charge a sales tax of 4% to 6% of the vehicle’s purchase value. That can add a significant amount on top of the initial cost of a new vehicle. A used car not only costs less but will require you to pay less sales tax costs.


When you purchase a used vehicle, you will have the opportunity to add features or accessories that you may not be able to afford if it were a new vehicle. After-market parts also come at a lower cost when compared to new ones, since there is a larger inventory and more brand choices.


Insurance rates vary for each driver, but the year, make, model and added features can lower costs. Since used vehicles are more affordable to begin with, driver assistance features are more accessible and will then lower your monthly payment even more!


Used vehicles at Birdnow Motor Trade of Oelwein undergo inspection in our service center, this ensures each used vehicle is in good operating condition. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that whichever used vehicle you look at upholds our high standards.

Buying a Used Vehicle at Birdnow Motor Trade of Oelwein

At Birdnow Motor Trade of Oelwein, we strive to provide you with an uncomplicated vehicle buying process. Our friendly sales stall and informative finance team will work with you to find the right vehicle, and finance options to fit your needs. To make the process even easier, we have tools available online such as a finance application, payment calculator, and trade value estimator. We look forward to serving you at Birdnow Motor Trade of Oelwein.

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